Tuesday, February 27, 2007

They start younger and younger...

I was out with Hilary, Merriwether, Eric, Mia, and Finn Saturday morning at the Linkwood playground trying to enjoy the outdoors before the snow came. Mia and Merriwether always like to start their time at the playground by swinging in these big, barcalounger-like toddler swings. As I'm pushing Merriwether in the swing (she likes to get serious air), 3 y.o. Mia looks over at me and says, "Byron, will you get me high?". Before being rendered incomprehensible by laughter, all I could get out was, "Maybe when you're 16 and with your father's permission..." I don't think this would make Bill Cosby's show anytime soon.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Strange dream

I had a strange dream last week. Matt, our neighbor, was running a gas station. Matt does not normally run a gas station. He builds missiles or something like that. I was riding a bmx bike. Matt told me about this legendary bmx course was over this nearby bridge. I went to check it out. There was a ramp that went up about 20 ft; of course, I didn't go near it. Instead, i decided to walk with some people from Livanta (old job) to the Reisterstown Plaza. We walked by Rosecrest (my old street) and my friend Reggie's (heir to the Parks' Sausage empire) house. Reggie's house was abandoned - it had been converted to a protest house against the war in Iraq. It was spray-painted with slogans and had streamers and the like all over it. I split off from the Livanta people and decided to walk Juniper and Heidi up the alley. There was a house with a dog that kept jumping out after Juniper. I woke up after it happened a few times. Of course, all this happened in perfect color; I remember reading someplace that people only dream in black and white. Maybe I just remember color when there wasn't. Weird, huh?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No good deed goes unpunished

It was time to finally get the quick-cam pics from Sundance developed. I dropped off the 2 cameras at the Fed Hill CVS. 4 days later I get a call from them looking for a "Brian Naylor". That hasn't been my name since my 3rd run in the witness protection program; I hung up.

The next Sunday, I decide to go to the gym (so as not to continue approaching the size of the average American...) and pick up the pics. I stop by CVS first; I am given 1 envelope of pics when I gave them 2 camera. I remind "Brittany" of this, and she goes searching for the other envelope. She finds it - great. I head to the gym. Of course, the gym is closed because of a water main break on Cross St. Wonderful. I decide to check out my pics and then go home. I open the first (thicker) envelope and see some nice pics of Main St. Sundance and the Canyons Resort. I open the next envelope and find a single pic of 3 women at some formal event. I've never seen these women in my life. Great. I go back to CVS and tell the manager what's happened. He takes my info and promises to pass it on to the developer.

I get a call yesterday from said developer who wants to know what was in my pics so he can look for them. I told him street scenes, snowboarding, and art work. Simple enough, right? I'll be extremely pissed if those pics are lost - those were the better bunch...

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sundance 2007

Just got back (a few weeks ago, that is) from the Sundance Film Festival in beautiful Park City Utah. As usual, it was a blast. I didn't have a digicam, but I'm getting some digipics from the film camera I took with me. I'll post those up soon...

In the mean time, here's what I was thinking while I was waiting for my flight out of BWI:

Date: 17 Jan, 07
Time: 19:50

"Pretty hectic week getting ready for Sundance. Lots to do to get ready. Taking an evening flight is great! There are no lines anywhere! Even the TSA are chill. I just heard some bad words - "beverage-only flight"! I bought some almonds just before coming to the gate, so I think I'll be OK. The crepe I had for lunch is sitting well. Crepe + almonds = goodness. What would make this perfect is wine."