Sunday, August 30, 2009



Hi, my name is Byron, and I am an addict. Since joining the cult of the iPhone, I have been dazzled by all the shiny apps that come from the App Store and Cydia (or, if you prefer, Icy). My latest crazes have been Vampire Live and Zombies Live. These two games have been responsible for major time-suck in my life lately. The two games have a similar format: level up and gain income by attacking other players and buying. "slaves" that earn you income every hour. That is genius. You keep coming back every hour or so to prevent other players from attacking you and stealing your hard-earned income (blood in Vampires and flesh in Zombies). It tugs at my soul. I can't stop thinking about the times i get "paid" in each game. I religiously log in to each of the games to save my income in my virtual bank vaults or to turn the income into greater abilities so that I can defeat more players. It's insidious. I should be spending my time perfecting my javascript, but I play these games instead. I earn money doing the latter, but the former is somehow more satisfying. Help.

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