Monday, February 11, 2008

Hit the slopes!

I went snowboarding this weekend! My long drought ended with a near, spur of the moment trip to Liberty. The conditions were less than ideal with 50-degree weather and slushy, crowded slopes, but I didn't care! It was nice just to be out again on the new board. The Jussi was perfect! It's light, flexible, and forgiving of my n00bishness. By the way, the pic above is in Tahoe.

For more on Jussi Oksanen, check this and this! Oh, how I aspire to ride like that Finn...

What I aspire to in the near term is to return to Park City, UT. Sundance or not, I just want to get back to slopes like this:

This is a recent shot taken at the Canyons. Since the riding season goes so long out there, maybe there's hope...

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